FAA Repair Station # D57R025X

Experience - Effective - Economical - Excellence

1410 Industrial Dr. Royse City, Texas 75189
972.635.7922 office 1.866.4.ROTORS 972.635.7944 fax

Our Capabilities Include:

- Pre-Buy Inspections
- Annual Inspections
- Overhaul Inspection
- Hard Landing Inspections
- Sudden Stoppage Inspections
- Aircraft Painting

Rolls Royce 250 Series Engines And Modules:

-C20      -C20B      -C30M
-C20F      -C20J    -C30P
-C20R/1   -C20R/2   -C30R/1
-C20R/4     -C20S    -C0R/3
-C20W       -C28B    -C30S
-C28C    -C30G/2     -C30U

Bell 206 B / 206 L Components, Complete Drive Systems:

-Main Transmissions
-Main Rotor Hub Assemblies
-Tail Rotor Gearboxes
-Tail Rotor Hub Assemblies
-Mast Assemblies
-Freewheeling Units
-Oil Coolers

Southern Rotorcraft is currently in the process of including the following to our Repair Station

- E.A.S.A. Certification
- Bell 212 Component Support
- Bell 407 Component Support
- Rolls Royce C40 Engine Support
- Rolls Royce C47 Engine Support
- Bleed Valve Testing & Repair
- Fuel Nozzle Testing & Repair